Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

To "abide the order of the court" means to perform, execute or conform to such order. Jackson v. State, 30 Kan. 88, 1 Pac. 317; Hodge v. Hodgdon, 8 Cush. (Mass.) 294. See McGarry v. Sinte, 37 Kan. 9, 14 Pac. 492. A stipulation in an arbitration bond that the parties shall "abide by" the award of the arbitrators means only that they shall await the award of the arbitrators, without revoking the submission, and not that they shall acquiesce in the award when made. Marshall v. Reed, 48 N. EL 36 ; Shaw v. Hatch, 6 N. H. 162; Weeks v. Trask, 81 Me. 127, 16 Atl. 413, 2 In In A. 532.

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